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Video Games and Programming for Kids

Anyone who enjoys video games might like to explore programming and web design. Programming languages serve as the foundation for both websites and games. As technology moves forward, it will be necessary to stay current with new advances in this industry. Learn programming skills to see what you can create.

Software and General Link List

Explore a variety of websites listed on this link list with information about books, computers, games, and more.

Game Design and Programming for Learning

Learn about game design by reading articles and visiting websites included in this link list.

Game Development Tutorials and Resources

A web developer maintains this blog, offering tutorials and resources about game development.

Game Programming Links

Read articles or access lesson plans included in this resource list to learn about game programming.

Links to Game Industry and Game Design Websites

Anyone who wishes to work within the gaming industry will need to perform research to find out what is required to succeed.

Technology and Software Links

Maple Heights City Schools has compiled an extensive list of technology links to assist students and families.

Learning Links

Explore learning links compiled and shared by Doxey Elementary school.

7th Grade Computers

Students in seventh grade at Mobridge-Pollock Middle School have a variety of computer classes available to them.

Software Resources and Reference Websites

The Etiwanda School District lists a variety of websites with reference information.

Free Resources

GoGoZen Computer Repair shares resources to assist customers with computer information.

Internet and Software Basics

An educator offers information to help students learn how to use the Internet as a research resource.

Windfields Library Links

Explore the links shared by the Windfields Library to learn about free eBooks, world news, and more.

General Technology and Programming

Woodmeade Elementary School offers links for students about general technology subjects.

Practice Computer and Software Skills

Students can practice a variety of skills such as using a mouse and learning computer vocabulary by visiting the websites included in this resource list.

E-Safety Links

E-safety is all about staying safe online when visiting social media and other websites.

Looks Interesting, But I Can't Pay Attention To It Right Now

Review the links on this resource list to learn about programming languages and coding.

Once Again on TCP vs UDP

Explore advantages and disadvantages involved with using TCP and UDP.

Programming Podcasts

Learn about programming by watching podcasts that provide information about coding and programming.

The Mimir - Monday 30 May 2016

This website shares daily information and news about programming activities.

Tutorials on Programming - Photon, Unity and Networking

This website provides a wealth of tutorials about various programming subjects.

NullPointerException in C++

Learning Java and C# will enable you to dive in to a variety of web design and programming projects.

CSCI 131 Spring '17

Take a class to learn about programming language, design, and implementation.

Principles of Programming Languages

Learning about the principles behind programming languages can help you understand coding more fully.

Introduction to Programming Languages

An introduction to programming languages course is available for students attending Indiana University.

Programming Languages & Methodologies

Take a course about programming languages at the University of Toronto.

Organization of Programming Languages

John Franco teaches an undergraduate course on programming languages at the University of Cincinnati.

Programming Language Report

Review the comments to a programming language report that discusses various languages such as COBOL, Java, and C.

Programming Languages

Austin Community College offers courses about programming languages for students.

UW-Madison Programming Languages and Compilers Group

Join a programming languages and compilers group that exists within the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Rice University Programming Languages Team

A programming languages team works on projects at Rice University.

Programming Languages

Yale University conducts research into programming languages to determine efficiency and reliability.

Programming Languages Courses

Take a course to learn Python or other programming languages at Wesleyan University.

About the Information Technology Program

The Information Technology program at Eastern Iowa Community College prepares students to work in programming or networking.

CIS Certificates at Scottsdale Community College

Earn a CIS certificate at Scottsdale Community College to prepare for a career in computer information systems or networking.

Tri-C Information Technology Programs

Choose a program at Cuyahoga Community College to learn about information technology.

Programming and Software Development at Portage Lakes Career Center

Portage Lakes Career Center offers classes in programming and software development.

Web Developer Network at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Learn the skills involved with web design and development at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Documentation | Web Developer Network | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Explore documentation provided for students studying web development.

Audio/Video players in the Web Developer Network

Follow instructions to embed audio or video players on a website.

Content and Style Resources

Use these resources as you work on web construction and design.

HTML Tutorials

These tutorials are well-suited for both beginners and more experienced web designers.

Program Overview

Earn a network systems developer certificate at Miami Dade College.

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