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Angelic Essence

Angelic Essence Angelic Essence

Type: None
Obtained by attacking a Raid Boss, you can assemble this Crystal of Life and trade it for something useful.
NPC Name Type Quantity Chance
Water Spirit Lian (40) Passive 1-2 85.00%
Wizard Of Storm Teruk (40) Locate Wizard of Storm Teruk on the map Passive 1-3 64.00%
Mirror Of Oblivion (49) Locate Mirror of Oblivion on the map Passive 1-4 70.00%
Messenger Of Fairy Queen Berun (50) Locate Messenger of Fairy Queen Berun on the map Passive 2-5 77.00%
Paniel The Unicorn (54) Locate Paniel the Unicorn on the map Passive 1-3 90.00%
Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell (55) Locate Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell on the map Passive 1-4 75.00%
Furious Thieles (55) Locate Furious Thieles on the map Passive 2-7 72.00%
Pagan Watcher Cerberon (55) Locate Pagan Watcher Cerberon on the map Passive 2-6 80.00%
Fairy Queen Timiniel (61) Locate Fairy Queen Timiniel on the map Passive 1-4 83.00%
Flame Of Splendor Barakiel (70) Locate Flame of Splendor Barakiel on the map Passive 3-7 81.00%

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