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Verfa (51)   Locate Verfa on the map Location

Dark Attack (1)
Unleashes a dark attack. HP Increase (1x) (1)
MP Increase (1x) (1)
Raid Boss (1)
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all. Raid Boss - Level 51 (1)
The Devil Kernon's confidant, he is a feisty and vicious devil. He overpowers his enemies with his immense strength and gigantic body. Currently, he is studying the inside of the Tower of Insolence at Kernon's command. A simple devil warrior, he believes that if he serves his superiors loyally, he will benefit from their promotions. Resist Full Magic Attack (1) Sacred Attack Weak Point (2)
Vulnerable to sacred attacks. Undead (1)
Called out of their graves by black magic, a curse or the power of an evil mind, most of these creatures lack intelligence and can perform only simple actions. However, some high-ranking undead possess great knowledge and sophistication even when compared to ordinary humanoids. BOSS Reflect Damage (5) Stun (5)
You are stunned and temporarily prohibited from movement. Stun (5)
You are stunned and temporarily prohibited from movement. Average M. Atk. (11)
Average M. Def. (11)
Average P. Atk. (11)
Average P. Def. (11)
BOSS Cancel Magic (5) One-handed Sword (3)
Standard Type (2)

Passive male, Exp: 2256714, SP: 285537, HP: 324092, P.Atk: 1352, M.Atk: 383, RunSpd: 250, Atk.Range: 40
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance
Avadon Leather Armor LiningAvadon Leather Armor Lining (14-42) - 13.30%
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (C)Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (C) - 17.13%
Destruction TombstoneDestruction Tombstone - 85.00%
Great Axe HeadGreat Axe Head (12-36) - 19.84%
Greater Dye Of MEN <Men+3 Wit-3>Greater Dye Of MEN <Men+3 Wit-3> (1-3) - 33.32%
Greater Dye Of WIT <Wit+3 Int-3>Greater Dye Of WIT <Wit+3 Int-3> (2-4) - 22.21%
Greater Dye Of WIT <Wit+3 Men-3>Greater Dye Of WIT <Wit+3 Men-3> (2-6) - 16.66%
Memento MoriMemento Mori (1-3) - 85.00%
Memento Mori: B-GradeMemento Mori: B-Grade (2-3) - 25.00%
Zubei's Leather Gaiter TextureZubei's Leather Gaiter Texture (40-120) - 9.20%
Zubei's Leather Shirt FabricZubei's Leather Shirt Fabric (9-27) - 26.93%
Great AxeGreat Axe 891 (B) 2.77%
Avadon Leather ArmorAvadon Leather Armor 259 (B) 2.11%
Zubei's Leather GaitersZubei's Leather Gaiters 100 (B) 5.50%
Zubei's Leather ShirtZubei's Leather Shirt 160 (B) 3.44%

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